The Isostar Clean Guarantee


With its "Clean Commitment" anti-doping guarantee, Isostar is part of the international movement towards drug-free sports.


We have made the choice to use natural colourants in all of our sports drinks. They are coloured with beta-carotene (Hydrate & Perform) and beetroot (Long Distance Energy). These natural colorants may sometimes cause clear bottles to discolour but simply wash them and leave them standing open in direct sun for the day. The colour will lift out.


Our clean guarantee is based on five tiers:

1. Isostar conforms to the recommendations of the World Anti-Doping Agency and follows each country's specific regulations in this field

2. Isostar manufactures its ingredients and products in factories that are guaranteed to be free from illicit substances and drugs

3. Isostar uses only food ingredients in the manufacturing of products

4. Isostar products are regularly tested and analysed by independent and approved laboratories

5. Samples of these tested products are kept for one year after expiry date


In addition, all of our packaging materials carry some or all of the following eco-packaging logos:

Isostar Tidyman SymbolTHE TIDYMAN
Dispose of this carefully and thoughtfully. Do not litter. This logo does not relate to recycling, but it is a reminder to be a good citizen and dispose of the item in the most appropriate manner.

Isostar Green Dot SymbolTHE GREEN DOT
The Green Dot signifies that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging.

Isostar Polyproylene LogoPOLYPROPYLENE
Regarded as one of the safest plastics produced today, polypropylene is safe for re-use. It is becoming more commonly accepted in recycling programmes worldwide.