• The Isostar Reload bar is specially designed to optimise the recovery phase of sportsmen and women and in particular for endurance sports. Its guaranteed protein content (25%) contributes to maintaining and increasing muscle bulk. The carbohydrate content promotes energy recharging with restoration of the body's glycogen reserves and its vitamin and mineral content compensates for losses occurring through perspiration during exercise: - vitamins B1, PP and B6 contribute to the conversion of food into energy.- vitamins C, E and B2 are involved in the antioxidant protection of cellular components.- vitamin C can contribute to reducing fatigue in the event of a deficiency.- calcium and magnesium contribute to good muscle function.- vitamin B6 contributes to the metabolism of proteins and glycogen. Its single-pack, go-anywhere format and chocolate flavour make it the ideal companion for pleasant and effective recovery.

  • Glucose syrup, milk proteins, milk chocolate 20% (sugar, cocoa butter, powdered skimmed milk, whey, cocoa paste, milk fats, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring), stabilisers: sorbitol and glycerol, wheat proteins, sugar, egg proteins, fructose syrup, vegetable oils, beetroot fibre, low fat cocoa powder, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate, flavourings, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, PP, potato starch, emulsifier: soya lecithin, lactose.

  • Unit Each Amount in 100g Each Amount in 1 bar
    Energy value Kcal 377 151
    Energy value Kj 1589 635
    Proteins g 25 10
    Carbohydrates g 49.5 19.8
    of which sugars g 33 13.2
    Lipids g 9 3.6
    of which saturated g 4.4 1.8
    Fibre g 4.1 1.6
    Sodium g 0.19 0.08
    Calcium mg 500 200
    Magnesium mg 160 64
    Vitamin E mg 6.2 2.5
    Vitamin C mg 37 15
    Vitamin B1 mg 0.7 0.28
    Vitamin B2 mg 0.76 0.3
    Vitamin PP mg 15 6.0
    Vitamin B6 mg 1.4 0.56

    Type: Unknown Type

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